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Mokpo (Mokpo-si) is a city in South Jeolla Province, South Korea, on the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Mokpo has frequent train service to Seoul and is the terminus for a number of ferry routes serving islands in the adjacent Yellow Sea (called the West Sea by Koreans). A recently released movie "Mokpo hangbu" or "Mokpo harbour" reflects a rather undeserved reputation for this sleepy port city as being a centre of organized crime in Korea. The harbour area is not far from Yudal mountain, a picturesque area with numerous tourist facilities.
The city was one of the largest cities in Korea until the late 1970s. During the Japanese Occupation, the city served as a crucial port for commercial ventures and transportation. Additionally, the public educational system was one of the very best in Korea. The city's decline could be attributed mainly to politics. President Kim Dae-jung earned full support from Mokpo voters as a presidential candidate, and other political rivals are accused of having tried to underdevelop the city to decrease its population and therefore Kim Dae-jung's support base. Since Kim Dae-jung's election, the city has undergone much development. The city is currently constructing the South Jeolla provincial office (temporarily in Muan county), which will cement its status as the capital of the region after the Metropolitan City of Gwangju.

History of Mokpo

The port city of Mokpo is located in the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula. Its population is approximately 260,000.
The name "Mokpo" is first found in the . In 1439, 21 years after King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty came to power, the was constructed, and the first port was established on October 1st, 1897. Upon Korea's annexation by Japan in 1910, the city was given a new name, "Mokpo-bu" and received its current name, "Mokpo City" ,. the year after the nation's independence from Japan. On October 1st, 1997, when Mokpo had its centennial as a port city, the city announced the second opening of the port. Mokpo has become famous as the hometown of President Kim Dae-jung, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.

Location and area

Mokpo is situated in the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula. Its total area is approximately 47.23 km(as of December 2001), with Muan-gun in the northeast and Sinan-gun comprising a number of islands of the west coast.

Hometown of Famous Koreans

Geographical and climatic conditions

Yudal Mountain is the revered geographical highpoint of Mokpo,and it is situated at the end of the Noryeong range. Climbing up to the Noryeong range, one reaches the Sobaek range and then reaches the Taebaek range . Yudal mountain is the final destination of the Taebaek range. The range of the Yeongsan River which spans at the Noryong range connected to Mokpo/Naju plain and runs into the sea. In the east of the downtown place, it is surrounded by Buju Mountain (158 m), Yudal Mountain (228 m) in the west, faced against the mouth of the Youngsan River in the south, containing 13 various sized islands. These conditions allow Mokpo to possess the foundations for a natural port. Mokpo Port plays an important role as the largest fishing port in the city, and is the center of coastal ports connected to the sea with various islands, including Shinan-gun and Haenam-gun. The port operates passenger ships throughout the surrounding 165 islands including Cheju Island (occupies 46% of the 258 inhabited islands within Moko's port administration.
Mokpo's climate is highlighted by a short spring and autumn. It is cold and dry in the winter, and warm and humid, with seasonal winds, in the summer. There is much rain in the summer, with the average amount of 1,126 mm. It is usually quite windy, and foggy in the spring and autumn owing to its locality near the ocean. Its long period (223 days) without frost, creates suitable conditions for rice farming. However, its sea coast location and the influence of the continental climate on the city often causes a great disparity between the rise and fall of daily and yearly temperatures.

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Muan International Airport serves Mokpo.
Prior to the opening of Muan Mokpo Airport served Mokpo.



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